Caffeine in a Type Tea

Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant, which is found in over 60 plants, including coffee beans, tea leaves, and cacao. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and suppresses the effects of adenosine on the brain. Adenosine causes drowsiness by suppressing the arousal of certain nerve cells.

There are two types of caffeine: natural and synthetic. Natural caffeine is found in plants such as coffee beans, tea leaves, and cocoa beans. Synthetic caffeine is man-made from substances such as coal tar or from chemical reactions that break down organic substances such as cornstarch into sugars that can then be processed into a white powder.

How Much Caffeine is in Types of Tea (High to low)

TeasServing SizeCaloriesCaffeine
Inko’s White Tea Energy15.5 fl oz100165 mg
Taiwanese Milk Tea16 fl oz299151 mg
Guayaki Canned Yerba Mate15.5 fl oz120150 mg
Zest Highly Caffeinated Tea8 fl oz0150 mg
Guayaki Yerba Mate Bottled Tea16 fl oz80140 mg
Brew Dr Kombucha Uplift14 fl oz80130 mg
Xing Craft Brew16 fl oz5120 mg
Fast Lane Black Tea8 fl oz0110 mg
HICAF Tea8 fl oz0110 mg
Xingtea Iced Green Tea23.5 fl oz50110 mg
McDonalds Sweet Tea32 fl oz160100 mg
YMateina Yerba Mate8 fl oz080 mg
Master Brew Kombucha15.2 fl oz6076 mg
Lipton Natural Energy Tea8 fl oz075 mg
Cold Brew Tea8 fl oz070 mg
Teas’ Tea Oolong16.9 fl oz070 mg
Pure Leaf Iced Tea18.5 fl oz16069 mg
Big Train Spiced Chai8 fl oz21065 mg
Matcha Tea8 fl oz064 mg
Turkey Hill Iced Tea12 fl oz12064 mg
Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Tea24 fl oz23063 mg
Honest Iced Tea16.9 fl oz7063 mg
Yellow Tea8 fl oz063 mg
Chick-fil-A Iced Tea16 fl oz12062 mg
Oi Ocha Green Tea16.9 fl oz560 mg
Lipton Tea8 fl oz055 mg
Chai Tea8 fl oz050 mg
PG Tips Black Tea6.78 fl oz050 mg
Tejava Iced Tea12 fl oz050 mg
Gold Peak Tea18.5 fl oz048 mg
Tazo Chai8 fl oz047 mg
Tea (Iced)8 fl oz047 mg
Bigelow Tea8 fl oz045 mg
Morning Thunder Tea8 fl oz045 mg
Oregon Chai Tea6 fl oz13045 mg
Tea (Black)8 fl oz042 mg
Guayusa Tea8 fl oz041 mg
K Cup Tea8 fl oz041 mg
Southern Sweet Tea16 fl oz12841 mg
Teavana Tea8 fl oz041 mg
Sencha Green Tea Shot6.4 fl oz040 mg
Tea (Instant)8 fl oz040 mg
Yerba Mate Tea8 fl oz040 mg
Biggby Iced Tea16 fl oz038 mg
Snapple Tea16 fl oz15037 mg
Tea (Oolong)8 fl oz037 mg
Wendy’s Iced Tea16 fl oz532 mg
Arizona Iced Tea16 fl oz19030 mg
Waka Instant Tea8 fl oz030 mg
Pacific Chai6 fl oz9029 mg
Tea (White)8 fl oz028 mg
Lipton Iced Tea20 fl oz11025 mg
Tea (Jasmine)8 fl oz025 mg
Twig Tea (Kukicha)8 fl oz025 mg
Fuze Iced Tea24 fl oz16024 mg
Kombucha Tea8 fl oz3024 mg
Nestea Iced Tea16.9 fl oz16023 mg
Peace Tea23 fl oz15023 mg
Tea (Green)8 fl oz018 mg
KOE Kombucha12 fl oz3515 mg
Brisk Iced Tea12 fl oz7011 mg
Crystal Light Iced Tea8 fl oz510 mg
SoBe Green Tea20 fl oz2007 mg
Brown Rice Tea8 fl oz04 mg
Tea (Decaf)8 fl oz04 mg
Tea (Herbal)8 fl oz00 mg
Teas Caffeine Contents Table

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