Caffeine in Soft Drinks

Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in many soft drinks. There are many different types of caffeinated beverages available to consumers, including coffee, tea, soda pop, and energy drinks.

Does soda have caffeine?

Why do soft drinks contain caffeine? Caffeine is added to soft drinks to increase their flavor. This is why we add caffeine to soft drinks. We may also use it to make the drink taste sweeter.

The amount of caffeine in a beverage varies by the type of drink. A 12-ounce can of soda has about 35 milligrams of caffeine. The same size cup of coffee has about 100 milligrams. Energy drinks have around 80-150 milligrams per can or bottle.

How Much Caffeine is in Soft Drinks? (High to low)

Soft DrinksServing SizeCaloriesCaffeine
Bawls16 fl oz190102 mg
Mountain Dew Kickstart16 fl oz8090 mg
Afri Cola11.16 fl oz13983 mg
Fritz Kola (EU)11.16 fl oz13583 mg
Premium Cola (EU)11.16 fl oz13283 mg
Coca-Cola With Coffee12 fl oz7069 mg
Pepsi Zero Sugar12 fl oz069 mg
Ski Soda12 fl oz18069 mg
Mountain Dew Zero Sugar12 fl oz068 mg
Sun Drop Soda12 fl oz17064 mg
doc Soda12 fl oz15060 mg
Mountain Dew Major Melon12 fl oz16055 mg
Mountain Dew Voltage12 fl oz17055 mg
Diet Mountain Dew12 fl oz054 mg
Mountain Dew12 fl oz17054 mg
Mountain Dew Baja Blast12 fl oz17054 mg
Mountain Dew Code Red12 fl oz17054 mg
Mountain Dew Live Wire12 fl oz18054 mg
Shasta Mountain Rush12 fl oz15054 mg
Dr Pepper 1012 fl oz1051 mg
Mello Yello12 fl oz17051 mg
Starbucks Refreshers Canned12 fl oz9050 mg
Diet RC Cola12 fl oz048 mg
Cheerwine12 fl oz15047 mg
Diet Cheerwine12 fl oz047 mg
Shasta Diet Cola12 fl oz047 mg
Diet Coke12 fl oz046 mg
Diet Coke with Splenda12 fl oz046 mg
Zevia Cola12 fl oz045 mg
Faygo Cola12 fl oz16543 mg
Pepsi Max (UK)11.16 fl oz043 mg
RC (Royal Crown) Cola12 fl oz16043 mg
Shasta Cola12 fl oz17043 mg
Dr Pepper12 fl oz15042 mg
Wave Soda12 fl oz2542 mg
Diet Dr Pepper12 fl oz041 mg
Kickapoo Soda: Joy Juice & Fruit Shine12 fl oz19040 mg
Pibb Xtra12 fl oz14040 mg
Ruby Red Squirt12 fl oz17039 mg
Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi12 fl oz038 mg
Inca Kola12 fl oz14038 mg
Pepsi12 fl oz15038 mg
Pepsi Made With Sugar12 fl oz15038 mg
Wild Cherry Pepsi12 fl oz16038 mg
Ale 8 112 fl oz12037 mg
Green Cola12 fl oz037 mg
Double Cola12 fl oz16036 mg
Diet Pepsi12 fl oz035 mg
Big Red Soda12 fl oz15034 mg
Coca-Cola Cherry12 fl oz15034 mg
Coca-Cola Cherry Zero Sugar12 fl oz034 mg
Coke12 fl oz14034 mg
Coca-Cola Orange Vanilla12 fl oz14034 mg
Coca-Cola Vanilla12 fl oz15034 mg
Coca-Cola Vanilla Zero Sugar12 fl oz034 mg
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar12 fl oz034 mg
Red Bull Simply Cola8.46 fl oz032 mg
Soda Stream8 fl oz4031 mg
Slurpee12 fl oz9030 mg
Dr Shasta Soda12 fl oz029 mg
Moxie Soda12 fl oz14024 mg
Barqs Root Beer12 fl oz16022 mg
Faygo Moon Mist12 fl oz15020 mg
Sunkist Orange Soda12 fl oz16019 mg
PC Cola Diet12 fl oz013 mg
PC Cola12 fl oz15012 mg
Ritz Cola12 fl oz14410 mg
Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale12 fl oz1409 mg
Boost Nutritional Drink8 fl oz2405 mg
7-Up12 fl oz1400 mg
A&W Cream Soda12 fl oz1700 mg
A&W Root Beer12 fl oz1700 mg
A&W Zero Sugar Cream Soda12 fl oz00 mg
Barqs Red Creme Soda12 fl oz1700 mg
Coca-Cola Caffeine Free12 fl oz1400 mg
Diet Barqs Root Beer12 fl oz00 mg
Fanta12 fl oz1600 mg
Fresca12 fl oz00 mg
Ginger Ale12 fl oz1400 mg
IBC Root Beer12 fl oz1600 mg
Mucho Mango Energy Drink8 fl oz1000 mg
Mug Root Beer12 fl oz1600 mg
Orange Crush12 fl oz1600 mg
Pepsi Caffeine Free12 fl oz1500 mg
Sarsaparilla12 fl oz1700 mg
Sprecher Cherry Cola16 fl oz2400 mg
Sprite12 fl oz1400 mg
Squirt Soda12 fl oz1400 mg
Tropicana Twister Soda20 fl oz3200 mg
Vernors Ginger Ale12 fl oz1400 mg
Soft Drinks Caffeine Conten

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