Very Strong Coffee Caffeine Content

If you’re looking for a kick of caffeine to get your day started, Very Strong Coffee is a perfect choice. Each cup of  Very Strong Coffee as much as 10 cups of regular coffee! This is a robusta-based coffee with extremely EXTREME caffeine levels. It’s produced and sold by the Great British Trading Company. A cup of  Very Strong Coffee is made by using 5 tablespoons of ground coffee per 12 fluid ounce (340ml) cup.

Does Very Strong Coffee have caffeine?

Yes, Very strong coffee has DANGEROUS Caffeine strength and contains 1350mg made by using 5 tablespoons of ground coffee per 12 fluid ounces (350 ml) cup. and 112.5mg of caffeine per fl oz (380.41 mg per 100 ml).

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaffeine strength
100ml380.3 mgEXTREME
8 fl oz cup (236ml)900 mgDANGEROUS
12 fl oz cup (350ml)1350 mgDANGEROUS
Very Strong Coffee Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine is in Very Strong Coffee?

  • Caffeine Amount: 1350 mg
  • Caffeine strength: DANGEROUS
  • Calories: 0 kcal
  • Serving size: 12 fl oz cup

I did experience a pretty big caffeine lift with just 6 fluid ounces of Very Strong Coffee, but it lasted throughout the morning. I did experience a little crash in the afternoon, though, which isn’t typical with my normal caffeine consumption. Overall, Very Strong Coffee is a well-made strong coffee that may be too much for some people.

Ingredients in Very Strong Coffee

  • 100% Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Water

Compare caffeine in Very Strong Coffee Vs. Popular Coffees

Popular CoffeesServing SizeCaffeine
Very Strong Coffee12 fl oz1350mg
Americano Coffee12 fl oz154mg
Cafe Bustelo12 fl oz150mg
Costa Coffee8.69 fl oz277mg
Espresso Shot1.5 fl oz77mg

What is very strong coffee called?

Very Strong Coffee is brewed by blending different kinds of coffee beans together. Death Wish coffee is made up of three parts Arabica coffee mixed with two parts Robusta coffee. This mix provides the perfect amount of caffeine needed for an intense energy rush.

Very strong coffee tastes bitter. When you drink it, your mouth gets dry by the time you finish drinking. You feel thirsty after drinking very strong coffee. Your stomach feels full even though you didn’t eat much.

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