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Looking to build lean muscle and lose weight? Protein2O + Energy is a water-based beverage that combines whey protein with caffeine derived naturally from green coffee beans. With no artificial flavors, it delivers the best of both worlds: a high protein count, low carbohydrates, and calories. Unlike other products with unnecessary additives like artificial sweeteners or gums, we use only natural flavors. Take the drink after a workout to accelerate muscle recovery and help build muscle naturally over time.

Protein2O + Energy is an all-natural energy drink made from 100% pure ingredients. We combine whey protein with caffeine from green coffee beans to create a fast-acting energy shake that will keep you going all morning long!

Does Protein2O + Energy have caffeine?

Yes, Protein2O + Energy contains 125mg of caffeine per 16.91 fl oz bottle and 7.4mg of caffeine per fl oz (25mg per 100ml).

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaloriesCaffeine strength
100ml25 mg14LOW
8.45 fl oz (250ml)62.5 mg35MODERATE
12 fl oz88.7 mg49.7MODERATE
16.91 fl oz bottle125 mg70HIGH
Protein2O + Energy Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine is in Protein2O + Energy?

  • Caffeine Amount: 125 mg
  • Caffeine strength: HIGH
  • Calories: 70
  • Serving size: 16.91 fl oz bottle
caffine in protein plus Blueberry Raspberry
caffeine in protein plus Blueberry Raspberry

Caffeine in Flavors of Protein2O + Energy

  • Blueberry Raspberry: 125 mg
  • Cherry Limeade: 125 mg
  • Strawberry Banana: 125 mg

Compare caffeine in Protein2O +

ItemsServing SizeCaffeine
Protein2O +16.91 fl oz125mg
Premier Protein Cafe Latte11.5 fl oz120mg
VitaminWater Energy20 fl oz50mg
MiO Energy Water Enhancer8 fl oz60mg
Heroec Energy Water16.9 fl oz60mg
Yerbae Sparkling Water12 fl oz100mg
Perrier Energize8.46 fl oz99mg
Caffeine in ProteinO Strawberry Banana
Caffeine in ProteinO Strawberry Banana

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