La Croix Sparkling Water Caffeine Content

LaCroix Sparkling Water is the top-selling sparkling bottled water in North America. La Croix Sparkling Water combines two key trends in the beverage industry: carbonation and flavor innovation. The company is also the market leader in sparkling waters in the United States and Canada.

Does La Croix Sparkling have caffeine?

No, La Croix Sparkling Water is caffeine-free, That means don’t contain caffeine and 12 fl oz can have a total amount of 0 Calories.

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaloriesCaffeine strength
12 fl oz can0 mg0CAFFEINE-FREE
La Croix Sparkling Water Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine is in La Croix Sparkling Water?

  • Caffeine Amount: 0 mg
  • Caffeine strength: CAFFEINE FREE
  • Calories: 0
  • Serving size: 12 fl oz can

Ingredients in La Croix Sparkling Water

  • Water
  • Carbonation
  • Fruit Essence

Compare caffeine in La Croix Vs. other Sparkling Water

Sparkling WatersServing SizeCaffeine
La Croix Sparkling Water12 fl oz0mg
AHA Sparkling Water12 fl oz30mg
Yerbae Sparkling Water12 fl oz100mg
Phocus Sparkling Water11.5 fl oz75mg
Perrier Sparkling Water11.15 fl oz250mg
Pep Talk Sparkling Water12 fl oz55mg
Limitless Sparkling Water12 fl oz35mg
Caribou BOUsted Sparkling Water11.5 fl oz75mg
Bubly Sparkling Water12 fl oz0mg
Bubly Bounce Sparkling Water12 fl oz35mg
Bubbl’r Sparkling Water12 fl oz69mg
Arti Sparkling Water12 fl oz30mg

What’s wrong with LaCroix Sparkling Water?

La Croix does not contain any harmful additives. Its flavor comes from natural sugars like fructose and glucose. Its water also contains naturally occurring minerals, including calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Although there are other sparkling waters, La Croix is made using an artesian well instead of tap water, making it safer for your health.

Is drinking La Croix Sparkling healthy?

Drinking LaCroix isn’t necessarily unhealthy, especially when compared to sugary drinks like Coke and Pepsi. However, there are still plenty of reasons you shouldn’t drink LaCroix regularly.

La Croix, Topo Choco, and Perrier are all healthier alternatives to regular water because they contain electrolytes. Electrolytes help you stay hydrated so you won’t get dehydrated when exercising or in sports. Drinks like La Croix and Topo Choco also add flavor to plain water while keeping the overall calories low.

Is it OK to drink La Croix Sparkling water every day?

Drinking sparkling water daily may not harm your health but could cause other problems. For example, if you like carbonated beverages, limiting yourself to just sparkling water will likely lead to dehydration. You shouldn’t give up one healthy habit in favor of another.

So, if you enjoy drinking sparkling water regularly, limit yourself to four or five glasses per week, and make sure to drink plenty of plain water throughout the rest of the week. Otherwise, you might start to feel the effects of dehydration sooner than expected.

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