COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Caffeine Content

COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate is a fun and delicious way to get extra energy. It contains just as much caffeine as a small cup of coffee–but without the coffee! This is great news for people suffering from caffeine addiction, who want their chocolate fix without having to go through the normal side effects like jitters, anxiety, and headaches. COGO is instant hot chocolate that requires no boiling water or whipping cream, just add hot milk or water and stir.

COGOS is a hot chocolate mix made with real ingredients. Each cup contains 6% cacao, organic sugar, vanilla extract, and natural flavors. Caffeine boosts energy levels and helps you stay alert. It also promotes cardiovascular health and improves concentration.

Does COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate have caffeine?

Yes, COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate contains 98mg of caffeine per 6 fl oz cup and 16.33mg of caffeine per fl oz (55.23mg per 100ml).

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaloriesCaffeine strength
100 ml55.2 mg62MODERATE
6 fl oz cup100 mg110HIGH
8.45 fl oz (250ml)138 mg154.9HIGH
12 fl oz cup200 mg220VERY HIGH
COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine in COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate?

  • Caffeine Amount: 100 mg
  • Caffeine strength: HIGH
  • Calories: 110
  • Serving size: 6 fl oz cup
  • Sugar: 19g

Ingredients in COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate

  • Sugar
  • Nonfat Dry Milk
  • Whey
  • Cocoa
  • Coconut Oil
  • Corn Syrup Solids
  • Salt
  • Cellulose Gum
  • Caffeine
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Mono And Diglycerides
  • Dipotassium Phosphate
  • Natural And Artificial Flavor

Compare caffeine in COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate

ItemsServing SizeCaffeine
COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate6 fl oz98mg
Starbucks Cappuccino16 fl oz150mg
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato16 fl oz150mg
Chocolate Milk2 fl oz5mg
Hot Chocolate (Hot Cocoa)8.45 fl oz42.25mg
M&M’s Chocolate Candies2 ounce 10mg
Yoo-Hoo Chocolate Drink12 fl oz12mg
Crio Bru Brewed Cacao8 fl oz10mg

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