Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge (UK) Caffeine Content

If you’re looking for a caffeinated coffee with a kick, then this is it. Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge is an extremely caffeinated Robusta-based coffee sold in the UK. It comes with a warning that people who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid drinking their coffee due to its high concentration of caffeine. This bold blend has been specifically designed for those who need a serious wake-up call and will help you perform at your best, whether at work or play!

Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge is a premium, very strong, and super-caffeinated coffee. Cannonball Coffee has levels of caffeine higher than any other type of coffee currently on the market. Surpassing all the other types of caffeinated coffee you know, this energy drink is a must-try!

Does Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge have caffeine?

Yes, Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge contains 1101mg of caffeine per 12 fl oz cup and 91.75mg of caffeine per fl oz (310.24mg per 100ml).

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaloriesCaffeine strength
100ml310.1 mg0EXTREME
8.45 fl oz (250ml)775.3 mg0DANGEROUS
12 fl oz cup1101 mg0DANGEROUS
Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge (UK) Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine is in Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge?

  1. Caffeine Amount: 1101 mg
  2. Caffeine strength: DANGEROUS
  3. Calories: 0
  4. Serving size: 12 fl oz cup

Ingredients in Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge

  • Robusta Coffee Beans
  • Water

Compare caffeine in Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge

Very Strong CoffeesServing SizeCaffeine
Cannonball Coffee Maximum Charge12 fl oz1101mg
Death Wish Coffee12 fl oz728mg
Black Label Brewed Coffee12 fl oz1555mg
Very Strong Coffee12 fl oz1350mg
High Voltage Coffee12 fl oz1150mg
Black Insomnia Coffee12 fl oz1105mg
Biohazard Coffee12 fl oz928mg

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