Alsa Energy Drink Mix Caffeine Content

Alsa Energy Drink Mix is an exciting new energy drink mix that provides you with the strength and endurance you need to get through your day. This unique combination of vitamins and minerals helps give you the energy boost you need without any negative side effects.

Alsa Energy Drink Mix is made by combining the power of L-Citrulline (a natural amino acid) with the strength of caffeine and taurine. These components work together to help increase blood circulation and improve athletic performance.

Does Alsa Energy Drink Mix have caffeine?

Yes, Alsa Energy Drink Mix contains 100mg of caffeine per 16 fl oz bottle and 6.25 mg of caffeine per fl oz (21.13 mg per 100 ml).

Serving sizeCaffeine AmountCaloriesCaffeine strength
100ml21.1 mg6.3LOW
8.4 fl oz52.5 mg15.8MODERATE
12 fl oz75 mg22.5MODERATE
16 fl oz bottle100 mg30HIGH
Alsa Energy Drink Mix Caffeine information

How Much Caffeine is in Alsa Energy Drink Mix?

  • Caffeine Amount: 100 mg
  • Caffeine strength: HIGH
  • Calories: 30
  • Serving size: 16 fl oz bottle
  • Sugar: 7 grams

Compare caffeine in Alsa Vs. Popular Energy Drink Mix

Popular Energy Drink MixServing SizeCaffeine
Alsa Energy Drink Mix16 fl oz100mg
GFuel Energy Drink Mix16 fl oz140mg
ZipFizz Energy Drink Mix16 fl oz100mg
Spark Energy Drink Mix8 fl oz120mg
AXIO Energy Drink Mix12 fl oz100mg
Pure Kick Energy Drink Mix16.9 fl oz80mg

Ingredients in Alsa Energy Drink

  • caffeine
  • taurine
  • B vitamins
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • guarana extract
  • ginseng extract
  • green tea extract
  • glucuronolactone
  • Alsa Energy Drink contains 6 grams of carbohydrates
  • 1 gram of protein
  • 12 grams of fat

Alsa Energy Drink does not contain any preservatives or artificial dyes. It is suitable for people who want a healthy alternative to other energy drinks.

Flavors of Alsa Energy Mix

#1. Alsa Pomegranate Blueberry:

This flavor tastes slightly sour but is still very tasty. It reminds me of water flavored with fruit juice and the flavor is just mild, which is expected from pomegranates. Alsa Pomegranates contain many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, stress, anxiety, and depression. 

#2. Alsa Dragon Fruit:

This flavor is It tastes very similar to lychee. It is commonly found in Southeast Asia and South Pacific islands. It is usually served as a dessert or snack. There are many different kinds of Alsa, such as the Alphonso mango, Keitt mango, Tommy Atkins mango, and Natal plum.

#3. Alsa Three Citrus:

This flavor is a refreshing drink with a mild taste and a slight aftertaste. It does not contain any artificial or unnatural flavors. It contains caffeine, taurine, and other natural substances.

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